Amizade's work in Tanzania is honored

by Amizade Global Service-Learning

We are proud to share that Amizade’s onging work on a large water tank and seed storage building at Chonyonyo has been recognized and awarded a plaque by this year’s leader of the “Freedom Torch” rally, Dr. Nassoro Ally Matuzya.

The annual “Freedom Torch” race involves a number of government-lead ceremonies that take place throughout Tanzania, which celebrate the good work of successful NGOs that are clearly serious about their commitment to developmental efforts. The torch symbolizes “freedom and light” and is meant to encourage NGOs to feel proud of their work, and to continue on.

There was a wonderful celebration last week to commemorate the tank and the event was broadcast on at least one radio station, and was attended and by the district commissioner, and a very large group.

Amizade is proud to support a project that is being recognized at a national level! For more information about our Tanzania site, click here!