Site Sectors First 2 Weeks* Each Additional Week*

Bolivia  Education, Children with Disabilities, Youth, Seniors, Environment and Sustainability


Brazil Brazil Education, Youth Programs, Health, Environment $1,760 $517


Education, Health Education and Outreach




Education, Health, Community Tourism


Navajo Nation** Education, Learning, and Cultural Exchange $1,930** $450


Appropriate Technology, Agriculture, Education, Health, Rural Development, Women’s Rights



Program fees include a service placement, lodging, meals, cultural and recreational activities, and support from Amizade’s local site directors. Programs that take place outside the US include travel insurance and transportation to and from the local airport. All fees additionally include a contribution to a community partner organization, which typically takes place through infrastructure donations, stipends for speakers, or other general operating donations. Over 80% of fees go directly to program costs. Less than 20% of fees go to administration.

* Fees do not include international airfare, passport or visa costs, or immunizations.

** Please note that a one-week placement is possible in the Navajo Nation, at $965 per week.