Amizade Courses are Cost-Effective and Affordable

by Amizade Global Service-Learning

“Amizade’s service-learning courses are among the most affordable, comprehensive, and thoughtful programs of their kind.”

– Dr. Daniel Weiner, Professor and Executive Director, Center for International Studies, Ohio University

Although Amizade course experiences are always more affordable than traveling and earning university credits separately, the programs may still seem expensive. Furthermore, the information concerning where and how to secure money for trips is confusing at times. The following is a simplified list of financial considerations for students interested in an Amizade service-learning course.

Program Value
Each Amizade course contains an incredible combination of service, academics, intercultural immersion, and recreational and cultural activities. Experiencing these components separately would invariably be more expensive. For many students, Amizade’s semesters in Bolivia and Brazil are actually cheaper than the cost of living on campus and earning the same number of credits at their home institution.

Most colleges and universities offer scholarships for study abroad. Check with the study abroad office at your home institution. Additionally ask your department chair, service-learning director, or dean. More and more universities making educating students for global citizenship and global employment opportunities a priority – and many universities are financially supporting their students’ global efforts.

Amizade raises money to be able to provide scholarships itself, but some of the most generous scholarship opportunities are typically with your home college or university. Amizade offers tuition scholarships to students based on financial need. Amizade Scholarship Application (pdf)

Explore your financial aid options in terms of deferred loans from local banks, academic grants, and federal financial aid. The Study Abroad office and/or Financial Aid Office at your home institution will have detailed information about your options.

Your Creative Efforts
Students who want to raise money for Amizade course are always able to do so. They typically begin very early, ask for little bits of assistance from their friends and family members, inquire about support from their previous places of employment, ask for funding from local Rotary Clubs and other organizations, inquire at their family’s place of worship, and continuously make requests to many offices and individuals at their home universities. Students have raised hundreds by asking friends and family members to give them scholarship gifts instead of gifts for holidays or birthdays; they’ve raised more through their own individual potlucks, parties, and bake sales. Students who set goals, plan for the process, and follow through have raised money very successfully. The most important step is to ask, so start now.