Amizade continues to grow

by Daniel Alexander

At the beginning of this year, Amizade took on two new staff members, Bridget Mullins, our new Global Programs Coordinator, and Bibi Al-Ebrahim, our new Participant Engagement Coordinator. This newest growth brings Amizade to an unprecedented team size of 11.  Amizade continues to grow.

Bridget and Bibi began their adventures with Amizade on January 8, 2016. If you are interested in learning more about what led them to their Amizade careers, we encourage you to read through their online bios. Since coming on board, both Bridget and Bibi have helped to build new relationships with our partners in the Navajo Nation and in Washington D.C.

Bridget has been busy as director of our Washington D.C. site.  Since arriving to Amizade, she’s led five different trips that expose students to the issues of homelessness and hunger in our nation’s capital.  Trips have included participants from universities, religious community groups, and young protestant and catholic adults from Northern Ireland.  Strong local partnerships strengthen Amizade’s commitment to creating programs that guide participants to learning about and understanding the social conditions and policies that both perpetuate and alleviate homelessness and hunger in D.C.  It exposes participants to the complexity of the situation while providing hope that we can be active agents in the solution.  When Bridget isn’t busy with the management and planning of one of our most popular sites, she’s in our office helping support other programs by organizing applicant paperwork, responding to inquiries, and preparing participants prior to their departure.  Bridget is a wonderful and much needed addition to our team!

Bibi has just come back from a two week stay on the Navajo reservation, co-leading a total of 65 participants.  Over the two week period, four different university groups chose to challenge themselves and their cultural assumptions during their spring break holiday.  Bibi will be facilitating a few more groups alongside our site director in the upcoming months.   While in the office in Pittsburgh, Bibi supports Amizade’s efforts in creating a sustainable plan for connecting with participants, past and present, through regular blogs and newsletters.  Additionally, she has focused on examining the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of our evaluation system.

We are delighted to have both Bridget and Bibi on our team, supporting our efforts and helping us grow as an organization.