As a nonprofit organization, our commitment to community-driven service and encouraging global citizenship is matched or exceeded only by one other commitment – and that is to safety.

As you or your loved one prepares to serve with Amizade in another part of the world, you can rest comfortably with the knowledge that Amizade has an exceptionally strong safety record and ability to respond to any emerging challenges. We have provided more than 8,000 safe placements since our 1994 founding in Amazonian Brazil. This strong record stems from several organizational commitments.

  1. Local Experts | We cooperate closely with local Amizade site coordinators. These individuals are well-respected in their communities, keep careful record of where the best available medical care is at each site, and are able to connect Amizade volunteers and students to health care whenever necessary. Our specific history as an ongoing partner in each community where we work provides us with an exceptional level of access and insight at each location.
  2. Monitoring | We monitor global events closely and stay abreast of all relevant US State Department Travel Advisories and Warnings, as well as specific embassy messages. Through a partnership with Armada Global Security, Amizade reviews hyper-local health, safety, and security changes in the communities and regions that we work in. We’re also pioneering satellite monitoring of our groups movements.
  3. Experience | Our staff members have collectively traveled to more than one hundred fifty countries, and are expert at quickly understanding emerging information. When considering any emerging trends we adhere closely to best practices established by NAFSA: The Association of International Educators.
  4. Emergency Insurance | All of our international participants are automatically enrolled in International Travel Assistance and Medical Insurance through ACE. Please contact our office for more details about the coverage specifics.
  5. Trip Protection | Amizade has taken bold steps by insuring all group volunteers, individual volunteers, and open group volunteers with emergency trip protection. In addition to the health and evacuation insurance, all volunteers receive trip protection, in the event of a major delay or family emergency.

We make all of these commitments and we view each program participant, whatever his or her age, as someone’s family member: a parent, brother, son or daughter. Our concern and our commitments, however, cannot speak more loudly than our record on safety, which has been excellent since our founding in 1994. Please contact us at 412-586-4986 or if you have any additional questions.