Valerie Kenneth | Navajo Nation Site Director

My name is Valerie Kenneth. I am of the Feather Tip People of Bitterwater Clan and I am born for the Cliff Dweller Clan. My Maternal Grandfathers are The Zuni Edgewater Clan and my Paternal Grandfathers are the Salt Clan. This is how I identify myself as a Dine Woman to my relatives, community and to all people.”

With the teachings of her hard-working family in mind, Val enrolled into Dine College and started her education journey, where she received her A.A. Degree in Social and Behavior Science with a focus in Dine Studies in May of 2016. She’s currently in the Bachelor Arts Degree Program and is excited to continue her education and expand her possibilities.
She believes in the Dine Philosophy of hard work, determination, and success. She takes pride in her cultural beliefs and is eager to share and do service work for the Navajo Nation.

Val is the proud mother of two boys and one girl, Matthew, Akoya, and Chatan.