Michelle Francois-Roberts | Site Director Trinidad and Tobago

Michelle Francois-Roberts was born in Matelot and moved away at the age of nine to live in Arima. She returned in her 20s and immediately became involved in community life. She helped to found Dorcas Women’s group in June 2008, and held the positions of president, vice president, and trustee over her 8 years of involvement in the organization. In 2016, she transitioned away from Dorcas Women’s group in order to become President of the Village Council, a position which she still holds today. Michelle’s love for Matelot runs deep. Matelot’s peaceful, quiet nature gives her a chance to think about life and herself and raise her two children, Quashelle and Quamel, in a safe, close-knit community. Michelle is excited to be Amizade’s Matelot Site Director. She loves to travel, meet new people, and share Matelot’s cultural traditions with visitors.