Melissa WoodyMelissa Woody | Navajo Nation Site Director

Yá’át’ééh,Shi éí Melissa Woody yinishyé, Áshiihí nishlíí dóó Táchii’nii bá shishchíín. Kiyaa’áanii éí da shicheii dóó Tódich’ii’nii da shinalí. Tónaneesdizí déé nashá, kót’eego Diné asdzání nishlí.

(Hello, my name is Melissa Woody. I am Salt Clan (maternal) born for Red Streek Running into the Water People Clan (paternal). My Mother’s Fathers (shicheii) clan is Towering House. And my Father’s Father (Shinalí) clan is Bitterwater. I am from Tuba City, this is the Navajo woman I am.)

I consider my life as a journey, mentors that have helped me shape who I am and what my calling in life is. I am Navajo, born and raised in Tuba City, AZ. A reflective person, whose awareness and development of identity has been a long process. Much of the process has been very challenging. Through it all it has emerged me into an in tuned, compassionate Human Being, whom is giving and worthy of being called a teacher of many. Lessons learned and shared with others, in order to promote a brighter, healthier and conscientious future for myself, children, family, and for my reservation community of Tuba City.

Melissa is a mother of three, twin sons Brian and Anthony and her daughter Mariah. She is currently a full-time student at Dine College, in Tuba City AZ. Melissa is a runner, she enjoys the comfort of the long distance races, especially desert running on her reservation homeland. Running is her connection to her traditional Navajo Culture.