Michelle Zhu | Deloitte | Strategy & Operations Consultant

Though a current Bay Area resident, Michelle grew up outside of Los Angeles, California and has spent time living all over the country and traveling much of the world. In her undergraduate career at Washington University in St. Louis, Michelle participated in multiple study abroad trips to Europe and Asia. Michelle first became passionate about service-learning through her involvement with the Sierra Service Project in various Native American reservations across the western United States. Her trip to Belfast with Amizade inspired her to think about global service learning through the lens of Fair Trade Learning and opportunities for non-traditional study abroad candidates – an experience so powerful that she decided to join Amizade’s Board in 2016. As part of the Board, Michelle hopes to grow engagement opportunities for Amizade alumni as well as help proliferate Amizade’s unique program and values.

Michelle holds a BSBA from Washington University’s Olin School of Business and currently works as a management consultant within Deloitte’s Strategy and Operations consulting practice, where she helps both corporations and nonprofits tackle their organization’s most pressing strategic issues.