A New Computer Room for the People of Jukwa, Ghana

by Amizade Global Service-Learning

Imagine a world without computers, a far away place with no access to the Internet. A person would have no way to “tweet” what was on their mind, or to update their latest Facebook status. Google and iTunes would be but an abstract concept. All the information of the world would not be at our fingertips. For, what is now just a click away would be a luxury out of reach. This may sound like a place out of our distant past, however until most recently, it was a reality for the community of Jukwa, Ghana. Yet through the dedicated work of community members and a partnership with Amizade, a computer room has been constructed within a public library in the West African village, providing the people of Jukwa with new technology and connecting them to the outside world.


Amizade has worked closely with the community members of Jukwa throughout the process of building the new computer room. Amizade volunteers have assisted in projects such as construction molding, laying blocks, fixing doors and windows, building shelves, and many further projects supporting the computer room’s completion. Before the recent construction of the computer room in Jukwa, barely anyone aside from a few owners of personal laptops had access to computers or the Internet. Students were taking exams on information technology without ever actually touching a computer. All of their education on computers was abstract. Today, the new computer room is equipped with a total of twenty-five computers with six computers connected to the Internet. All of the local people in Jukwa and surrounding villages will be able to learn from and use this new technology. Pastor Chris Nyame, who is from Jukwa and serves as Amizade’s site director in Ghana, discussed how the new computer technology will benefit the people of Jukwa: “The internet facility will open up the community to the outside world. People will get information from the net and especially students to support their studies. Vincent Nkum, a teacher at Jukwa High School, confirmed that the centre and the internet especially, will make teaching more practical and easier for them.”

The completion of the computer room in Jukwa is exemplary of the accomplishments that can result from dedicated work and meaningful service. It will connect the people in a rural African community to the increasingly globalized world around them, enhancing their knowledge and education. Thus, it is an achievement of which community members in Jukwa and Amizade volunteers should be proud.

Amizade would like to specially thank Amizade Board Member Ryan Wolfrum whose generous donation made the completion of the computer room possible!