A Message of Solidarity from Trinidad and Tobago

by Melissa Nix

Please enjoy this uplifting message of solidarity and support from Denise Aleong-Thomas, an Amizade Site Director in Trinidad & Tobago.

Dear Friends,

As the World battles against the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, we have quickly come to realise that this mainly respiratory disease is unforgiving and has the ability to overwhelm even the strongest of health systems on the planet.

Furthermore, it transcends all possible boundaries including race, economic circumstances, age and religion.

Given the above, and in an effort to survive and to stay alive and being constantly reminded to stay at home by the powers that be, I have begun to experience a “new normal”. Having been adhering to “stay at home” measures, I have begun to learn to flick the channels of my television and to search for the most interesting shows available to occupy some of my time. My daily meetings and work assignments are now done on a straight back chair in a very convenient location of my living room, ably assisted by my computer and cellphone. This new working environment has become a vehicle for productivity. It is not uncommon to attend Executive meetings, funerals, birthday parties and Global seminars from the convenience of my home.

In addition, COVID-19 has brought a challenge to the forefront, never experienced over the years of operating a business and that challenge is, keeping a business in operation with the total absence of revenue flows and ongoing overhead expenses.

Notwithstanding the above mentioned challenge, COVID-19 has also brought opportunities that include a greater awareness that things can happen virtually and remotely and also allows us to create and develop new networks for business, friendships and access to resources.

In conclusion, I wish to remind our Amizade community that we are all in this together. We should have one goal and one vision and that is, to fight this pandemic together and to win that fight in the shortest possible time, so that we can continue to provide the Amizade experience throughout this World.

Amizade’s mission is to “inspire empathy, catalyze social action and link diverse communities though Fair-Trade Learning”.

Let’s have more community, more empathy, more social action, more Amizade!

Keep healthy, stay safe, stay at home, save lives.

Denise Aleong-Thomas
Site Director – Trinidad & Tobago
Manager – Samise Villa


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