by Amizade Global Service-Learning

Rebecca Gailey

Amizade is proud to announce that 3 people in the Amizade family have recently been awarded funding from The AllPeopleBeHappy Foundation.

Rebecca GaileyBecky Gailey is one of seven Fall 2013 Volunteer Service Award Recipients. Becky, who volunteered with Amizade in Karagwe, Tanzania last spring, will be returning to Karagwe with Amizade this November through mid-January 2014. While in Karagwe, she will be implementing The Ota Initiative, a new program she helped design last spring. The Ota Initiative consists of arts and science programs offered to Tanzanian students during major school breaks. The goal is to give students the opportunity to build creative and critical thinking skills. Visit The Ota Initiative blog to learn more.

Sam KayongoSam Kayongo, Amizade’s Site Director in Tanzania, received a 2013 AllPeopleBeHappy Foundation Fellowship. This fellowship will help support Sam’s work with Amizade in Tanzania including enhancing collaboration with community partners, promoting community based poverty reduction programs, and working on educational camps for children including the Ota Initiative with Becky Gailey.

Micah GregoryMicah Gregory, Amizade’s Site Director in Brazil, is also a recipient of a 2013 AllPeopleBeHappy Foundation Fellowship. This fellowship will help support Micah’s ongoing efforts to strengthen and maintain Amizade’s partnerships in Brazil. Specifically, with the support of this fellowship, Micah will work to establish a rural healthcare delivery coalition in the Western State of Pará, Brazil.

Congratulations Becky, Sam, and Micah, we look forward to sharing updates on all of your projects!