University of Idaho in Tanzania

University of Idaho in TanzaniaLocation: Karagwe, Tanzania
Dates: May 30 – June 20, 2012*
Faculty Leader: Dr. Graham Hubbs
Academic Credits: 6 Philosophy
Service Opportunities: Work with sustainable agriculture efforts, water harvesting initiatives, a women’s rights organization, or support teachers in local schools
Housing: Lodging at a guest house. Accommodations include usually reliable electrical supply and temperate showers. Accommodation is safe and secure.
Travel Highlights: Program includes travel to Kigali, a safari experience, and Arusha.
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Children in Tanzania

Spend your summer living in rural Africa; the program will focus on gaining a better understanding sustainable development, questions of identity, questions of international justice, and the reality of working with policy implementation and human rights efforts on the ground with community based organizations and international nongovernmental organizations.

The program will take place in the context of student opportunities to serve directly with local NGOs and with the local secondary school. Students will have the opportunity to partner with local Tanzanians on water harvesting efforts and improved agricultural techniques. Students will also have the chance to support teachers in classrooms at the local secondary school, particularly in English language instruction. Additionally, there will be opportunities to explore the country and culture through field trips and community events.


Amizade volunteers in Tanzania

Amizade has cooperated with community organizations in Karagwe District, Tanzania since 2003. The Karagwe District covers a large area between the west coast of Lake Victoria and the eastern boarder of Rwanda. A mountain range with heights near 4,500 feet exists through much of the region. Temperatures are often very comfortable and temperate, and the region typically experiences cycles of dry and rainy seasons.

As a UI Tanzania summer student you will live in a resource-scarce rural environment, and you will also have opportunities to experience urban Africa and you will struggle through the intellectual challenges of global ethics. You will work with non-government organizations committed to locally-driven development in a variety of ways, and you’ll have the opportunity to consider your experiences with an established development professional. You’ll try to help address shocking economic poverty, you’ll experience Tanzania’s profoundly welcoming and warm culture, and you’ll eve see some animals. The experience will be incredibly enriching and profoundly challenging.

Program Tuition Includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Three meals per day
  • An incredible camping safari experience through the Serengeti
  • Time in Arusha
  • Multiple field trips and scheduled educational, cultural and service activities
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Additional Program Related Expenses:

  • Airfare to Kigali, Rwanda and from Arusha, Tanzania and travel related expenses
  • Applicable passport or visa fees
  • Course textbooks, course packet and materials
  • Supplemental meals or snacks
  • Personal spending money

*Dates are subject to slight change depending on flight availability