In-kind donations welcome

Looking to get rid of those airline miles? Have an old laptop? How about a nice desk? How about 500 orange buckets (actually, we already have those thanks to Home Depot)? We’re a grassroots, community-driven, non-profit; we and our partners can use just about anything!

Here are just a few things, we could really use:

  • Airline Miles | We are always flying around the world, and love when friendly individuals donate their unused miles.
  • Space | We always need space. A new office, a place to hold our Board meetings, a place for a fundraiser; whatever space you have, let us know, and perhaps we can use it!
  • Laptop Computers | Our partners communities are always looking for laptops for schools, libraries, and offices.
  • Sports Tickets | We’re not trying to get to a game here; rather, we love when we can have a drawing for Steelers or Penguins tickets! In 2009, we raised about $1,000 for one pair of Steelers tickets.
  • Restaurant Gift Certificates | Our annual water walk event is a great place to feature your restaurant, and give one lucky winner a decent meal.

If you are interested in giving an in-kind gift, feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.