Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Pittsburgh flagLocation | Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Service Opportunities | Working with kids, riverside redevelopment and conservation projects, neighborhood revitalization, and much more.
Cultural and Recreational Highlights | Local sporting events, city tours including the historic incline, university campus visits, visits to world famous museums including the Andy Warhol museum and the Carnegie museums, the Strip District- Pittsburgh’s famous neighborhood market, programs may also include day trips to surrounding areas.

Program Overview

Home to Amizade’s central office, the Pittsburgh site experience is anchored in the social network of Amizade staff, interns, and affiliates who draw participants into meaningful engagement with the urban environment. After nearly two decades as a service-learning provider, Amizade launched the Pittsburgh site in response to growing international interest in US-based service-learning opportunities. In partnerships with local non-profits committed to civic engagement, Amizade volunteers will experience a city in the midst of broad revitalization, and will gain perspective into the complicated impact of the industrial revolution. For the majority of the 20th century Pittsburgh was an industrial city, producing nearly 50% of the nation’s steel. The population peaked at more than half a million before the collapse of the steel industry in the 1980s that triggered a decades-long recession.

Today, Pittsburgh’s stable, smaller population relies on a re-envisioned services economy comprised of universities, hospitals, and small start-up companies. While the low cost of housing, ample green space, and resilient arts and culture offerings make Pittsburgh one of the nation’s most livable cities, Amizade asks participants to partner with the social sector that struggles to confront the city’s generational poverty, glaring racial disparities, and a rapidly aging population.

in PittsburghLodging Local Homestays, Hostels, Hotels
Food American cuisine consists of many international food traditions. Common breakfasts include cereal, bread, pancakes, eggs, potatoes, and red meat. Lunch is generally a medium sized meal – e.g. sandwiches. Dinner is traditionally the largest meal of the day and ranges from pasta to burritos.
Flights All flights come into Pittsburgh International Airport with connections to all major US airports
Visa US citizens – No visa required
Non US citizens – see country specific requirements here.
Closest Airport Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)

Our Community Partners

With Amizade’s headquarters in Pittsburgh, we are eager to share our home city with volunteers from across the country and around the world. Amizade’s seeks lasting local partnerships to diversify and strengthen local Fair Trade Learning impact. Amizade has the unique opportunity to personalize its Fair Trade Learning mission in Pittsburgh as active members of the community.


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Stay Engaged!

Nina’s Here to Stay!

Join us in celebrating our new Assistant Program Coordinator, Nina DelPrato.  Nina is no stranger to Amizade, however.  As the…

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20 Years Time: While The Pirates Were Losing, The World Was Winning

On October 14, 1992 – the fateful end of the last Pirates winning season – the communities that Amizade works with looked very differently than they do today. In Brazil, the average person lived on less than a dollar per day. In Ghana, the community had no electricity, paved roads, or running water. The internet, ATMs, and cell phones didn’t exist at all in Tanzania, the GDP growth rate was nonexistent, swing, with bombings and targeted murders a weekly experience. To some of Amizade’s communities, 20 years ago wasn’t much different than 100 years ago.

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English Language and Culture in Pittsburgh

Amizade participants from Brazil tour Pittsburgh

One can read hundreds of quotations and advice about the benefits of travel, using the world as your classroom and venturing outside your comfort zone. But what happens when you have the privilege of meeting others from around the world…right in your own backyard?

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From Ireland to the U.S.A.

Participants from Northern Ireland in New York City

As I waited in JFK airport for my group to arrive after their long journey from Belfast to New York City, I wondered how I would recognize them as they sauntered through the doorway. Then the light bulb went off, and I realized from this point forward I would know these guys from their strong Northern Irish accents and their gregarious conversations.

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Becoming an Intern at Amizade

When people ask for me to tell them about Amizade, I still stutter and stumble sometimes. It’s because I know of no precedent with which to compare the organization. I sometimes say things like, “Its like study-abroad, but…” or “We send people to volunteer in communities around the world, but…”, etc. That (very important) caveat centers around Amizade’s intent to empower communities and ensure that they benefit from a partnership.

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Amizade's 5th Annual Water Walk

Are you looking for an opportunity to act locally? Do you want to do your part to make a difference globally? Are you an Amizade alumnus that wants to continue to support Amizade’s global endeavors? The perfect opportunity is coming this spring: in April Amizade will hold its 5th Annual Water Walk—in Pittsburgh on Saturday, April 7 and in Morgantown, WV on Saturday, April 21. Join us and walk for a purpose.

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Safety Week

In order to maintain their continued high level of attention to health, safety and security, Amizade employees, site directors, and participants will participate in Amizade Safety Week from June 13th through June 20th. Throughout this week, stakeholders will be retrained on important safety topics, and individuals will be recognized for outstanding safety achievements around the world.

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4th Annual Water Walk

Please join Amizade, this weekend- April 9th and 10th- for the 4th annual Water Walk in Pittsburgh, PA and Morgantown, WV….

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Healthy and Safety

As you or your loved one prepares to serve with Amizade in Pittsburgh, you can rest comfortably with the knowledge that Amizade has an exceptionally strong safety record and ability to respond to any emerging challenges.