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Fundraise and Build a Better World

Amizade began with fundraising. We began with one passionate individual who wanted to make a difference – and who stepped forward and asked his friends, his family, and many more people to support him and to become part of changing the world for the better. Since that time, hundreds and thousands of volunteers and students have funded their volunteer service placements through commitment, persistence, creativity and straightforward requests.

They’ve built schools and orphanages, installed water harvesting systems, worked for peace and reconciliation, and educated children. They’ve changed their own lives and the lives of others. You can too.

Amizade volunteers

Volunteers and students who want to raise money for Amizade programs are always able to do so. They typically begin very early, ask for little bits of assistance from their friends and family members, inquire about support from their previous places of employment, ask for funding from local Rotary Clubs and other organizations, inquire at their family’s place of worship, and (for students) continuously make requests from many and diverse offices and individuals at their home universities. Volunteers have raised hundreds by asking friends and family members to give them scholarship gifts instead of gifts for holidays or birthdays; they’ve raised more through their own individual potlucks, parties, and bake sales. People who set goals, plan for the process, and follow through raise money successfully. The most important step is to ask.

Why Pay to Volunteer? (Blog post by an Amizade Alumni)

Download Amizade’s Fundraising Packet (pdf)

Go! Volunteer Abroad Scholarship ($1,000 for your program! Deadline  Sept. 15th)

Glimpse Correspondents Program (writers and photographers, this one is for you! Includes professional support and training as well as a financial stipend. Check the website for details.)

LIVFund Scholarship (For volunteers going to Latin American countries- Bolivia, Brazil- LIVFund offers 2 $500 scholarships every month)

Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship ($1,000 scholarships for undergraduate students participating in credit-bearing study abroad programs)


If you are a student going on an Amizade Service-Learning Course their may be additional financial aid resources available to you.  Visit our Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities on the Service-Learning page for more information.