Amizade has a series of videos highlighting stories of the places and heroes that make our work full of impact. Hop aboard and enjoy the journey!

Chapter 7 | One country is trying to make GSL for everyone

No longer should life-changing global education opportunities be only for the privileged few. Check out how one country is trying to make global service-learning for everyone. Join our movement, share your story, and share this video.


Chapter 6 | Amizade Testimonials: Ayita Verna in Brazil

Meet Ayita Verna, a student at West Virginia University who traveled with Amizade to Brazil this past summer, and find out how Amizade has been engaging medical students with local health teams in the Amazon.

Chapter 5 – The Heart of Appalachia

Discover powerful stories told by Fulbright Amizade participants on their journey in the Heart of Appalachia.

Chapter 4 – Friendship, reciprocity, and global leadership in the Hill District

This is a beautiful story of friendship, reciprocity, and global leadership fueled by Amizade and leaders in the Hill District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is an ongoing story and a call to action.

Chapter 3 – Meet DORCAS Women’s Group

Amizade is proud to partner with the DORCAS Women’s Group in the isolated village of Matelot, Trinidad & Tobago. Check out this beautiful video and get inspired by our responsible and respectful fair trade learning collaboration.

Chapter 2 – The Navajo Nation: Every journey requires moments for reflection

Sometimes the best service we can offer is to be present and to listen. No place in the world reminds us of this better than the Navajo Nation.

Chapter 1 – Mr. Brown and the story of Association of Clubs & service-learning in Petersfield, Jamaica.

This is the beautiful story of how Amizade helped transform a small community in Jamaica. Turn up the volume and discover how an innovative fair-trade learning partnership with community leader Mr. Brown positively impacted thousands of lives in Jamaica and the US.

Teaser – Your journey starts here

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