Amizade has received a devastating update from our partners – Caras Con Causa – in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria hit the island hard and the communities where our partners work, and where past volunteers have visited, have been devastated. We’ve already had confirmation that the community of Juana Matos is 80% destroyed and the communities of Puntilla Puente Blanco and Cucharillas are severely flooded and many homes have already been lost. The devastation and rebuilding effort will end up being unlike anything our network has experienced. Donate now! (form at the bottom of the page)


Oct 13th – Thank you to everyone who donated. Although we didn’t reach the 4th goal of 8,000, Amizade reached three goals and raised $7,206 to help Caras with the cleanup in vulnerable communities in Puerto Rico. If you want to support our friends, you can donate at any time through the donation form at the bottom of the page. 

Oct 9th

  • We’re $800 away from our goal of $8,000. Help us reach our final goal by October 12th.
  • Caras’ Michael Fernandez spoke with New York Magazine about the current situation in Puerto Rico. Read the article here.

Oct 4nd | Amizade reached $6,956.00. Let’s reach the new goal of 8,000 by October 12th.

Oct 2nd | Amizade reached 6,756. Let’s reach the new goal of 8,000.

Sep 28th | Thank you to our community partners, alumni, and friends who’ve donated to this fund! Amizade reached the total of $5,731.00. Let’s reach our new goal of 8,000.

Sep 27thWe reached our goal of $4,000. Help us reach our new goal of $5,000.

Sep 26thWe are less than $250 away from our goal of $4,000 and feel confident that, with your support, we can reach $5,000. All funds will be directed towards Caras’s relief work with some of the most vulnerable communities on the island.

Sep 23rd | Amizade and Caras’ Michael Fernandez speaks with NPR about the current situation in Puerto Rico. Read the transcript of his interview here.

Sep 21stAmizade has already raised over $2,400. Please help us reach our goal of $4,000 by tomorrow.

Sep 20thDonate now! We have committed a $1,000 match for the next 24 hours to assist with the relief efforts. If you have traveled on one of our programs in the past – especially to Puerto Rico – please consider giving right now.


What every American needs to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane disaster (via Vox)

Video updates (via Caras and Connect Relief)

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