Open Group Volunteer Programs

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Safe and Significant Service Work.

So you’re interested in volunteering, but you’re not a student, and don’t want to go alone?

Join an Amizade Open Group!


Amizade Open Group volunteer programs allow individuals or couples to join and serve with a group of other Amizade volunteers.

On your open group volunteer experience, you’ll:

  • Make a Difference through community-driven service
  • Enhance and deepen your understanding of the local environment through deliberate learning that is based on community members’ concerns and perspectives
  • Form friendships through intercultural immersion and exchange
  • Become a more ethical, more engaged, more employable global citizen
  • Develop your own personal understanding of service, deliberate learning, culture, and global citizenship through continuous reflective inquiry

It will be unlike any previous volunteer experience you’ve had. Amizade’s specially designed journal and carefully chosen local site directors cooperate to support you in a challenging and empowering service and learning experience.

Amizade has worked since 1994 connecting groups and communities around the world for mutually empowering service and learning experiences. Programs include food and lodging, local educational, cultural and recreational activities, local transportation*, and a local site director.

*Programs in the Navajo Nation do not include local transportation.