Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led Service Learning

Amizade has been organizing faculty-led, service-learning programs for over a decade. Whether you have an interest in service-learning pedagogy or a love for all-things Bolivia, we can assist you in organizing your faculty-led abroad program. Please note that we are now offering faculty-led scholarships of up to $500 for those interested in doing site-visits to our sites.

Running a faculty-led service-learning program through Amizade means that you and your students will:

  • be safe and secure;
  • take part in community-driven/socially responsible service;
  • have flexibility around dates, length of program, cost, and course content;
  • have all your food, lodging, and transportation organized, and
  • have a well-organized trip, full of cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities.

It also means that, as a faculty member, you’ll see the following benefits:

  • enhances traditional teaching;
  • customizable courses to fit personal, departmental, and university needs;
  • research opportunities in your field of interests;
  • personal and professional development;
  • remuneration can come from Amizade or your host institution; and
  • student personal-transformative experiences that often change the career path of students;

We hope you’ll join us in engaging more students in academically rigorous and community-engaged study abroad programming. Please contact us or check out our group page if you would like to learn more about faculty-led programing or faculty-led scholarships. Start planning now!