Amizade volunteers are making a difference around the world, and having their lives transformed in the process.

In recent years, Amizade’s volunteers (ages teens to 90s) working with community groups have accomplished the following:

Tanzania Tree Nursery - put the finishing touches on walls for a Bolivian school
- completed a series of water tanks in Tanzania
- built an organic tree nursery in rural Tanzania
- finished three rooms of a library in Ghana
- tutored children in the Navajo Nation and in Mexico
- worked in health centers in Ghana
- assisted orphans in Bolivia
- started a clean-water project in the Amazon
- ran an at-risk youth summer camp in Jamaica
- mentored Irish at-risk youth
- painted a mural in Pittsburgh
- ran a college-prep course in the Navajo Nation
- helped maintain and restore artifacts in Auschwitz
- and much, much more

Harder to quantify are the friendships forged through intercultural immersion and exchange, and the daily empowering transformations that Amizade volunteers and communities go through. Our evaluations have shown the following about Amizade participants:

Volunteer working in Brazil- 90% report good or great experiences
- many report changing their life goals
- many report that their life’s work has been vindicated
- many students report learning more in a three-week Amizade short-term program than a whole semester on their home campus
- and much, much more…