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A Little Piece of Heaven in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Posted by Sara

Volunteers with Amizade now have a new opportunity for service programs abroad.  Amizade has recently partnered with the Pedacito de Cielo (Little Piece of Heaven) orphanage, which provides services to children and their families who are living with or affected by HIV / AIDS.  The orphanage is in the Cosmopolitan city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, nestled in a broad valley of the Andes.

Amizade service-learning volunteers worked at the Pedacito de Cielo orphanage in September and October 2010.  They dug out and fertilized a garden area for the children to grow their own vegetables and herbs.  Then they helped the children plant their first crops.  The volunteers also restored some shelves for their books and toys by sanding and painting the shelving in bright primary colors.  In between the work projects, the volunteers helped care for the children – feeding them, helping them dress, and just playing and singing with them.

Although Amizade volunteers can arrange to take Spanish language lessons at a very affordable price in  Cochabamba, very little Spanish is necessary to work at Pedacito de Cielo.  Amizade provides a coordinator who speaks both English and Spanish, and who guides and translates for volunteers throughout the day.  And besides, children all the world around understand the language of cuddling, playing and laughing.

The Pedacito de Cielo orphanage is a Project of the Fundacion Niños con Valor, a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) organization.  The daycare provides care for children who have lost their parents due to AIDS, who are HIV positive and who may or may not have been abandoned.  It offers the parents a safe place to send their kids in the day, providing family counseling, and opening up economic opportunities through a micro-loan program catering to the HIV/AIDS community.

For more information on our Bolivia site and how you can get involved, click here.

For more information on volunteer opportunities in Bolivia and to apply for our upcoming open group service programs in Bolivia this July and October click here.

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